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Your Story - Wisdom Teeth Removal

This page contains stories other people have had and their experiences with wisdom teeth removal. Feel free to email me your story if you would like it included below.

The information presented on this site is of personal opinion and consequently is slanted and biased and not based on proper scientific research. The information presented is NOT written by a dental expert. Further the information presented has NOT been subjected to peer review by experts to verify accuracy and data integrity.

Your Story 1

I was very pleased to have found your site today. I've had what I believe may be a similar experience to yours. I had 1 wisdom tooth removed in June 2008 (upper right), and since then I've had a constant headache and eye pain on the right side.

First and foremost, have you found any relief to your symptoms? I know first hand how difficult it can be to get anywhere with doctors. If the patient's symptoms are not glaringly obvious of an easily diagnosed condition, and the condition does not appear to be life-threatening, the patient's complaints are dismissed. In our society, protection from liability is primary, profit is secondary, preserving the posterity and ego of the medical profession is tertiary, and treating the patient is somewhere further down priority chain. I've been to a GP, a surgeon, 2 opthalmologists and a neurologist so far and have yet to get anywhere. Sometimes I find it quite hurtful - essentially what the doctor tells you is "well, nothing is glaringly obvious to me, and I can't diagnose anything unless I'm 100% sure because of the liablity and cost, and your suffering and happiness aren't important enough for me to do any research for you or give it any further thought, so, that's it - go home. Pay the receptionist on your way out." I can tell from the way you write that you are highly intelligent, logical and inquisitive - these traits in patients are not well-received by the American medical profession.

I've pretty much concluded that what I have, based on my theory that it began with the wisdom tooth extraction and what I've learned in my hundreds of hours of research, is an Atypical Trigeminal Neuralgia. The maxillary branch of the trigeminal nerve passes directly above the upper wisdom teeth, and the mandibular branch of the same nerve passes below the bottom wisdom teeth....

-Name removed for privacy.

Your Story 2

hi how are ..... my daughter who is currently 19, had all 4 of her wisdom teeth removed last march [2009], two days after surgery she developed a horrible pounding headache, its lessened somewhat but its always there, she's been through many hospitalizations, mri's, cat scans, you name it, shes seen many neurologists and is now being treated by the jefferson headache clinic in philadelphia since the summer......they say its ndph...but she is  still suffering.......we would very much like to speak with you or get some info on your experience.....we are at our wits end....

-Name removed for privacy.

Your Story 3

i don't know how long ago you made that website. if it is legit. etc...but assuming that you are real, and the website is honest....

i have had the same problem.
a 'CONSTANT' headache ever since my wisdom teeth were removed.
it's been a week since i had them removed and i've had a constant headache so bad that i can barely work or sleep...

-Name removed for privacy.

Your Story 4

My son had all four of his wisdom teeth pulled on July 9th 2009 and has had a constant unrelenting headache in his forehead ever since. He too had sinus surgery, MRI’s, CT scans, x- rays. The Doctors can’t find anything. Narcotics won’t touch the pain and migraine medications such as Topamax and amytriptaline have not worked. Have you found any relief? Please let us know. Thanks

-Name removed for privacy.

Your Story 5

Hi I am another person that had the SAME exact pain you had. I am 19 and I got all my 4 wisdom teeth removed last week (May 21 [2009]) and after I stopped taking the vicodin I kept getting recurring headaches. I read your website throughly and I regret doing the procedure, but the Oral Surgeon said that since I had 2 impacted teeth on the bottom I had to....

-Name removed for privacy

Your Story 6

I had my wisdom teeth taking out in late September of 2009.  I had just moved home from England where I had completed a Master's degree in Developmental Genetics.  I had my upper wisdom teeth removed while I was fully under and when I woke up, I was in agonizing pain.  My ears felt like they were on fire from the inside out.  I was given IV demerol and sent home with Vicodon and antibiotics.  The Dentist that took out my teeth said that my ear pain must be a "pre-exsisting condition" and that nothing he did could have caused me to react that way.  Well, here I am 20 months later and still in pain.  I have been diagnosed with several different things, including unspecified neuralgia, auricular syndrome, a pinched nerve, and atypical TMJ.  None of which has lead to a successful treatment of the pain. 

Last summer I had bilateral cortisone injections which gave me almost complete relief for about 6 months.  I was devastated when the pain returned in November of 2010, accompanied with migraines and muscles spasms in my face.  There are good days and bad days.  Days you want to shout and scream at anyone, just for looking at you the wrong way.  Mostly, I am now learning to live with the pain and the reality that it could be my life long companion.  

I have found several internet sites that are just downright depressing and rarely informative.  I would like to say thank you for all the information on your site.  It has definitely provided me with some very helpful information about treatment options.

-Name removed for privacy

Your Story 7

I am 23 and currently suffering from the decision for prophylactic removal of my 3rd molars, a.k.a. wisdom teeth. Prior to the operation, I was perfectly healthy.

During surgery, the doctor almost ripped a nerve running through my jaw, as my wisdom teeth were particularly complicated to remove, and one of them had the roots wrapped around a nerve. I instructed him to stop pulling after I felt immense pain under 2 shots of anesthesia to that area. I was lucky that he was also educated on the matter and elected not to chance it. In fact, he himself was the one who informed me that it may be possible that the root tips might be wrapped around a nerve. Why that wasn't investigated prior to extraction is beyond me, and I hope it's not common in the industry.

After surgery, I have not been able to sleep without the aid of a pain killer. My throbbing swelling has persisted for one week (today), and, although it's gradually getting better, the full recovery time for such an operation is 6 months, according to my dentist. I am also at risk for getting an infection, for which I refused prophylactic antibiotics. I don't need to learn the same lesson twice. Prophylactic medicine seems like the work of soothsayers and apothecaries.

I like my dentist. They seem very caring, practiced, and informed about their industry, but the conventional wisdom of prophylactic removal is an unnecessary evil upon dentistry and its patrons.

The reasons I was given to remove the teeth were to prevent crowding of my other teeth, infection, and future extraction. Well, now I'm at the risk of infection anyway, which will endanger the other molar -- anyway. This is not to mention what would have happened had my doctor removed the root tip that was wrapped around my nerve. All in all, I suppose I got lucky, but the $1300 I paid out of pocket (thanks U.S. insurance system I can't afford) is certainly not worth the pain I'm going through now. And to read this data suggesting that my symptomless, infectionless, painless wisdom teeth had more of a chance of staying that way than not simply adds insult to injury, both physically and otherwise.

Love your wallet, love your mouth, love your body, keep your wisdom teeth until they have a problem. You'll be going through the same pain anyway.

-Anonymous survey respondent.

Your Story 8

Hi, I just got all 4 wisdom teeth removed on June 27 [2009], a week and a half ago. They were not impacted and did not cause me any problems before, but it was recommended by my dentist to find an oral surgeon and do the procedure over a year ago. I just went, and ever since then I have been having chronic and massive headaches everyday. Every morning I wake up from the pain and the only way to relieve it is through the pain medication. I don't want to keep taking medication and I don't want this headache condition to be so disabling. It's hard to concentrate and work. I read your story online and it sounds really similar to my problems...

-Name removed for privacy

Your Story 9

I read your story, and I wanted to contact you to tell about mine.
I am a 38 year old white male who eats healthy and works out daily.  I have never any had any major health problems whatsoever.  I had one of my upper wisdom teeth removed a few months ago, on the strong recommendation of my dentist.  It was a simple extraction and went fine, but . . . I have had headaches almost daily every since.  They vary with intensity, and there were two days when I had to take off work.
I like my dentist and respect him as well.  When I asked him about the headaches a week or so after the procedure, he assured me vehemently that it was not related and suggested a possible sinus infection.
I had several friends tell me that they suspected a sinus infection as well, and so I took over the counter prescriptions for several weeks, which moderated the pain.  I still have headaches that vary in intensity and length, and usually just take ibuprofen, which seems to alleviate the majority - but not all - of the pain.
Any thoughts or recommendations?  I am all ears if so!  Thanks,

-Name removed for privacy.

Your Story 10

I have just read your website as after 12 years after having my wisdom teeth removed I still have a string of symptoms including vertigo that no doctor can diagnose.  It all started immediately after the surgery for which I was sedated by intravenous anesthetic. 

A horrific awakening to which the room span and I was no longer able to sit in a car, couldn't eat and had a head that I could describe as it felt like it was moving.  Permanent fuzzing sensations in my head and vertigo that made me feel like I was walking and falling over sideways.  The stress then led me to have panic attacks. A vicious circle of events that even after 12 years I sorely regret the day I ever paid the dental surgeon so much money to have so much pain and unhappiness. 

Of course with time I have learn t to live with the symptoms however I can say that it has depicted the way I live.  I am permanently on medication for vertigo and had on off headaches for years which stopped about 4 years ago.  I still have the fuzzing sensation in my head and have to make a concerted effort daily to relax to be able to cope with the symptoms.

I fully sympathize with your symptoms.  I had no follow up or head x ray and to top it all I also had an attack of Belles Palsy which I have to say then put everything into perspective for me.  I couldn't even smile.  All my emotions were locked inside a lopsided face.  So I decided that any amount of pain, buzzing head, vertigo was nothing in comparison to facial paralysis for 18 months in which I couldn't close my eye, and even though I have some remaining weakness in my face after many lifestyle changes things are getting better.

I wish you all the best and would be very interested if you have any answers for me.

-Name removed for privacy.

Your Story 11

I read about your recent wisdom teeth removal and the following onset of intense headaches.  I recently had my top wisdom teeth removed under only Novacaine.  The extraction went well, only felt pressure/pulling from one tooth, and  i received no prescriptions for the pain, he only recommended Tylenol. 

Starting 3 days after the surgery i would wake up in the morning with these unbearable headaches centered right between my eyes around my forehead.  They recede as the day goes on (or as i take my acetaminophen). These sound similar to what you were experiencing, i was just wondering if you have found out how to rid yourself of them, or the best way to dull them? and if possible what caused them? thanks

-Name removed for privacy.

Your Story 12

Last March 31st [2007] I had my wisdom teeth extracted.  As soon as the pain meds from the surgery wore off the 24/7 headaches set in.  I immediately had a brain MRI and bloodwork run and they both came back normal.  I have since had a neck MRI and lots more bloodwork done and everything is normal.  I had several occipital nerveblocks which provided minimal relief.  I have had a cryoneurolysis during which the neurologist accidentally grazed a nerve and left me worse.  I have since then switched doctors and have been put on Topamox and Pamelor [nortriptyline] which now has my migraines under control.  However,  recently I have been having frequent break thru migraines which has me worried that I am going to end up back to where I was a year and a half ago.

I may also mention that I have exhausted many other resources including (and not limited to) a chiropractor, reflexology, massage therapy, physical therapy, herbal and vitamin supplements, a neurosensory dr, and I am sure there are more, but those are the ones I can think of and am willing to admit :)  JK.

I have had doctors tell me that the oral surgery was just a coincidence and others tell me that this may or may not ever go away.  I am just not really willing to accept that answer. So tonight I was on one of my many searches for answers and I came across your website.  I couldn’t believe I had never found it before!!!  Thank you so much for taking the time to put this together!  My main question is do you believe that NDPH could actually be attributed to a damaged Trigeminal Nerve rather it being two separate consequences of the surgery?  In all the doctors I have seen, no one has ever even spoken to me about the trigeminal nerve… I am just wondering what doctor would specialize in that nerve area?

-name removed for privacy

Your Story 13

As you may or may not have noticed it is 4:44 am when I am writing this email. 3 weeks ago today I had all 4 of my impacted wisdom teeth removed. On the third day my head began to pound. I am living on advil which brings relief, but only for a short period. Friday of last week I went back to the dentist on to have him obsolve himself from anything to do with my headahe. I also suffer from acute anxiety disorder so these headaches are causing a double whammy of worrie. All I can think about is that this is the start of a brain anuerysm or a stroke. Sorry for rambling, I just feel like no one belives me about my headaches.

-name removed for privacy

Your Story 14

The following is from a 19 year old female teethremoval.com survey respondent who had 4 wisdom teeth extracted in December 2010:

I've had the constant headache for the past 6 months following wisdom teeth removal. MRI, blood normal. I get plenty of sleep, exercise (when the headache isn't too bad) and eat right. My neurologist has tried several meds, none of which have worked-and is running out of ideas. I don't know how to find out if I've had any nerve damage. I've had to call in sick a lot and have been to the ER-which i discovered the only thing that helped my headache: morphine.

Your Story 15

The following is from a 24 year old female teethremoval.com survey respondent who had 4 wisdom teeth extracted in April 2011:

My gut told me that having my wisdom teeth removed wasn't necessary. Something said, if evolution and anthropology gave me wisdom teeth, why destroy it? Nature knows best. However, it seems like the norm is to have them removed. And I was worried that they would impact (shift) my teeth causing me to need braces. So I had all four removed. Now I have been had chronic headaches. Headaches that brings be to tears. My dentist DID NOT mention this as a possible side effect.

Your Story 16

The following is from 31 year old female teethremoval.com survey respondent who had 2 wisdom teeth removed in April 2011:

Three months after my surgery in hospital by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon to remove my 2 lower wisdom teeth I am still suffering teeth pain, migraine, swelling, ear ache and hearing loss after initially being diagnosed with dry socket after suffering for 2 weeks after surgery. I am still going back and forward to the surgeon complaining of these symptoms and yesterday paid another $260 [AUD] for a scan on my skull/jaw area to investigate.

Whilst the surgeon has been sympathetic, had I known of all these possible side effects I would never had had my teeth removed, especiaslly since I only had 1 infection on 1 side 12 months ago. I wasn't told about headaches or ear pain/hearing loss and I was told "don't worry about dry socket you won't get that" so I was never told what it even was! The pain from the infected and impacted wisdom tooth is nothing compared to the pain I have been through in the past 3 months. I have also had 4 weeks off work without pay which on top of my medical expenses is really affecting me financially. I am back to the surgeon next Friday and hopefully I will be told what is going on and given treatment for all my pain. I am just so thankful that I said "no" to having the top 2 removed as well. I live in Canberra, Australia.

Your Story 17

I saw your website and your testimonial about the horrible headaches you endured and I would like to share my situation to help defer people from undergoing this operation without being properly informed.

I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed about a month ago. The Oral Surgeon said that they were completely impacted in bone and needed to come out. They put me under general anesteshia (meaning I was asleep) during the procedure.  I felt no pain during the procedure, but almost every day since then I am in agony.

About a week and a half after my procedure, my cheek was so terribly swollen it looked like I had stuffed a golf ball in there. It was painful and tender and hurt to open my mouth. My entire jaw felt like I had been punched. Of course, I went back to the oral surgeon to see what was going on . The first thing he said to me was ,"You haven't been cleaning it correctly and there is food lodged in there." I knew he was wrong because I would clean it for several minutes until I was sure there was nothing left in there. I told him this and he sort of rolled his eyes. He made me sit back in the chair and told me he was going to give me a numbing shot and see what was going on. I told him novocaine doesn't work on me but he did it anyway. It was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life when he shoved a metal rod-looking thingy into the hole to find the 'food'. He then flushed it with high pressured water, causing more excruciating pain. No food came out, but pus did. I then had to sit there while he drained it, until tears were rolling down my cheeks and i begged him to stop. He gave me a prescription for a powerful antibiotic and told me to come back next week. The swelling went down and everything was okay for about a week so i assumed he had gotten the infection.

But about a week ago my jaw swelled up again, this time even larger than before. I was terrified to go back knowing he would probably have to drain it but i was in such pain that i went. This time, I had to have a second surgery. It turns out that during my first surgery he left some bone fragments in there that had become infected and formed an abcess. I had to be put back asleep so he could open the incision up again, go in, and drain the abcess. It is almost a week after my second surgery and I am in a lot of pain. There is now a huge gaping hole in the back corner of my mouth. I wish I had never gotten my wisdom teeth removed.

-name removed for privacy

Your Story 18

The following is from 26 year old female teethremoval.com survey respondent who had 2 wisdom teeth removed in October 2009:

Having all 4 wisdom teeth removed at the same time affected me greatly. Both of my top teeth were impacted into the sinus bone, the left side impacted more. The surgeon recommended I get all of them removed. I just went in for bottom teeth to be removed because my mouth is too small for all my teeth.

After the wisdom teeth removal I could not eat or drink anything as I was in excruciating pain on a daily basis. I ended up with dry socket which took 2 months to heal, I Lose 10lbs in 2 months.

Then a month after the surgery I was admitted to the ER for stroke like symptoms. I woke up one night, sweating and very hot, but when I got up in my bed to turn on the fan I fell over, I couldn't stand up, I was so dizzy, literally, so I stayed laying down and fell back asleep.

When I awoke at 7am, I was still dizzy, I attempted to walk around, but I was falling over the right side, I had to hold onto the wall and surrounding objects to keep myself up. I felt like that for 12 hours. So I went to a local doctor who examined me and did a ctscan, saying he couldn't find anything wrong with me and wanted to diagnosis me with Labyrinthitis. Which is an inner ear condition.

Then in January, while I was in training for my job, I started to develop horrible ear ringing in both of my ears. The slightest noise made them go off and then I got the worst headache of my life. Literally...I wasn't one for headaches. I felt like someone was squeezing my head so tight, It hurt so bad I was in tears for hours. I took some medicine and it did nothing. I couldn't stay at work, I had to leave. I then again took myself to the ER and the emergency doctor laughed at me when I told him my symptoms. Not only did I have a horrid headache that lasted for days, but I pain on the left side of my face and around my head. My left eye also ached. I was miserable and he said he believed it was the Trigeminal Neuralgia Muscle that was inflammed by an infection and prescribed me an anti-flammatory. So, first Labrynthitis, then Trigeminal Neuralgia

It's been 2 years since they were removed and I have headaches every single day, I have sinus infections and post nasal drop (mostly in the left nostril) everyday. Oh yes, I also went and saw an ENT for severe jaw pain in 2010, he said it looked like I had TMJ, that lasted for MONTHS.

My ears don't ring nearly as much as they used too, but now it's just random. I don't need loud noises to make them go off and for the past 6 months my headaches are centered around the mastoid area of my head, my left ear burns and I get lots of pressure behind it. I also had partial hearing loss in my left ear in 2010, my hearing has never recovered. And doctors couldn't tell me why, there was no sign of infection.

There are many more symptoms i've developed, but since it's been 2 years I don't remember them all. I told my ENT all of my symptoms and he mentioned Multiple Sclerosis. I have also developed Costochondritis in my chest wall. My chest would ache when I breathed in and just touching my chest would aggravate it so bad, then I started getting muscle pain (which I now live with everyday)

It doesn't matter what I do, no matter how physical I am, no matter how healthy I eat (gluten-free, no soda) I am still in pain.

What I'm saying here is that none of my problems started till my wisdom teeth were removed. I had several ctscans and xrays on my head and face and nothing could be found. Now doctors want to do an MRI w/ contrast to check for signs of multiple sclerosis. How do we go from oral surgery gone wrong to multiple sclerosis? Unless the trauma to my body activated what I could have had all along.

It was the worst mistake and $2000 waste of money to get wisdom teeth removed. I feel like I've been living in hell since they were pulled and people think i'm now a hypochondriac. I know my body and what i've gone through, isn't normal and it just seems to be getting worse :(

Your Story 19

My parents always prioritised dental health, so much so that they worked longer hours and took out financial loans just to struggle to pay for the orthodontic treatment that was supposed to "stop me from having major problems later on in life".

When I was a little 9 yr old kid, during a routine clean and check-up appointment, our family dentist of many years told us he was going to refer me to a local orthodontic specialist because it looked like I was going to develop dental crowding later on. So the orthodontist told my mum that I absolutely MUST have 4 healthy adult teeth extracted to make room and then braces, or else I'd have a mess of a mouth with teeth growing here, there, everywhere. My mum was shocked to hear this because my mouth didn't really look that bad at the time.

This was the start of all my problems... By the time I was 10 I had the teeth out and braces on. I became a very goofy looking pre-teen. By the time I was 12 the braces were off and the retainer plates were on. By the time I was 13 they INSISTED that I NEEDED my wisdom teeth surgically extracted "before they grow roots and become a problem and ruin all the good work done by the braces". I reluctantly went into hospital for the operation under general anaesthetic because they had to cut the gum open as the wisdom teeth were obviously unerrupted at such a young age. These invasive procedures were extremely traumatic and painful for me at the time, both physically and emotionally.

That's a total of 8 perfectly healthy adult teeth removed (you can see where this is leading)..

I always had an oval face shape, but now my face appears concave, drawn and sunken, and I have a receding chin, drooping face and prominent looking nose, which used to look in proportion before all this started. I have very flat zygomatics (cheek bones) and an odd looking 'straight' but artificial and uncomfortable smile. I am saggy under the eyes and seem to have more lines on my face than I should as a teenager. My large, bulging forehead slopes back and I have the longest face. I've been called everything from "horse" to "pin head" and "alien head" in school. I could easily be the poster child of bad quality traditional orthodontic work.

I have a forward head posture and have to see a chiropractor and get therapeutic massages regularly to avoid being in pain with migraines. I wake up with an acute headache every day despite having an expensive posture mattress and pillow. I have researched a lot and subsequently avoid known sources of chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, and all the triggers of ill health. So it just HAS TO BE a structural issue.

Due to an extremely high arched palate, I have many allergies, fatigue easily, and xrays show I have partially obstructed airways. I have always had a sensitive system, but since all this started I developed severe chronic irritable bowel syndrome, which has honestly taken chunks out of my youth in terms of social inhibition due to sickness and anxiety relating to the disorder. My chiro suggests this is because the forward head posture causes subluxations in the cervical vertebrae which compress the vagus nerve, which governs parasympathetic nervous functions such as digestion. I also have trouble swallowing and chewing. I snore, and when I'm awake I constantly re-adjust my body position because I feel short of air. I tend to hold food at the front of my mouth when chewing, which feels awkward. Despite consciously masticating well, I also swallow a lot of air.

Electromyograph tests show I have extremely spasmodic facial muscles and I sometimes even get embarrassing twitches. Despite being a thin girl, I have what appears to be 'extra' surplus saggy skin under my mandible giving it the look of a double chin.

I have early onset gum disease and have had progressive bone loss in my jaw since age 18 (last year). I have always had impeccable dental hygiene and a flawless organic wholefoods diet. Even my periodontist said it must be to do with my bad bite, otherwise idiopathic.

What my parents and I were denied was INFORMED CONSENT regarding the early orthodontic work. We are now attempting to take legal action on those grounds and hoping to get compensation (although nothing can really compensate for what I've been through and what this has done to my life).

The damage to my cranium and face is obvious when one understands the anatomy and physiology side of things (I study this at university so it all makes perfect sense to me). Although I’m not hideous, just plain and unattractive, I have hardly any confidence in my appearance (and believe me, I AM grateful that I’m not grossly deformed, I'm not a self-absorbed person).

I feel extremely violated, upset, angry, and devastated that this could have all been prevented. I understand that compared to other things you've probably seen, I would likely not be considered an extreme case, but the thing that hurts me most is that this is not just "bad genetics". This is medically INFLICTED structural harm. I could have really been a beautiful girl had they left me alone (or better yet done proper treatment during early childhood, ie orthotropic growth guidance instead of artificial facial alteration).

Only in recent years a few different dentists (left the original one due to dissatisfaction) have brought to my attention this issue, which is essentially a good thing because it had lead to me to understand how the poor orthodontic work has been contributing to my ill health and poor appearance, as before I only suspected a connection, due to lack of knowledge.

I have not long ago enlisted the assistance of a new dentist who practices orthodontic correction in my area and appears to be well informed, but after many tests and xrays he said he wants me to get a splint made to align my bite, and then braces again. But I am really dissatisfied with this approach as I want to actually REMEDY what they've done to me, as much as possible. I want to widen my jaw and REPLACE with prosthetic implants, the teeth that they so unjustly extracted when I was just 9 years old. I don't want to make do with a narrow head and put up with my health and breathing and aesthetic burdens forever, at my age it seems so ridiculous.

They have made me aware that if I do nothing the health problems and bone loss will continue and I may eventually require facial reconstructive surgery some years down the track.

What I'm getting to is, I'm seriously going to attemp to UNDO what they've done to me. But I wonder if it's even possible for someone who's still a teenager and had a quarter of all their permanent teeth removed.. I want to expand the palate, reopen spaces and put teeth back in the gaps where they’re supposed to be, and have a pretty, wide smile and a full, healthy looking face again. I understand it will still never be like mother nature intended but I need to try. THIS IS NOT MY FACE. This is the face THEY have given me, and it's completely unfair.

But the vertical slant of my mandible is obvious and sharp, it would probably have to be surgically reconstructed. But I am willing, if I have to. I don't want an abnormally long, narrow face. I don't want to look like some kind of shrimp. I’m a good-willed girl with ambition in life, I don't want their disgusting work to stop me from reaching my potential and keep me suffering. They can't keep doing this to people.

Yes, I will do ANYTHING to get this face back to normal.

I feel like going on every current affairs program on Australian television and shouting to the world to stop giving business to extract-happy dentists and orthos. I really feel compelled to bring this issue into public awareness. They don't deserve people's money. I want the industry to be forced to change into something that is fair and serves the best needs of the innocent patient rather than line the pockets of quacks. Whether they are malicious or simply ignorant I cannot be certain, but either way this is totally unacceptable. What they have done is practically an act of child abuse and it has greatly impacted on my life on so many levels, I just cannot describe. How could they be unaware that what they were doing was harmful? How dare they tell us that their way was the ONLY choice?!

Additionally, the healthcare costs associated with managing the symptoms caused the results of the bad orthodontic have been through the roof..frequent deep cleans at a periodontist with local anaesthetic for infected gum tissue, acupuncture and herbs for IBS, frequent chiro for headaches, orthopaedic bedding, ongoing massage for neck pain, sinus medication, and the list goes on. Not to mention all time off from school and work, and at times general withdrawal from activities.

This is truly like a nightmare. I feel left numb and almost don't believe that this has happened, and is continuing to happen to other oblivious patients who fall into the hands of conventional orthodontic 'treatment'.

The bottom line is: get a second opinion! And if they still want to take teeth out, keep getting a third, fourth, fifth opinion etc, until you find someone who is willing to do safe alternative methods!

-name removed for privacy

Updated December 16, 2011

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