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Things to Look Out for When Visiting Doctors

1. Doctors Saying "I Could not Have Possibily Done That" or "That Could not Have Possibily Happened from 'Whatever' I Did"

It seems as if doctor's will, in an effort to make them seem as if what happened to you is something that was not done by them will say the above line. Maybe they really believe that your complication could not have happened from the surgery or procedure they performed or maybe they are just trying to help themselves get out of legal trouble. Or it could be because their ego is too high.

2. Doctors Saying I Think you need to See Another Specialist in a Different Area

Often doctor's will say that you should see someone else for your problems. Maybe they think that your problem is not within their speciality or they have no idea what is wrong with you and don't want to admit it and that you should see another person in their speciality for their opinion. Some doctor's will admit that they don't know what to do about your problem but others will try to put it on someone else.

3. Doctors Dismissing You from Their Practice

If you go too far with your doctor they may dismiss you from their practice and no longer see you. If this happens they will typically send you a dismissal letter in the mail and the option to see them for another month or so and 2 or 3 other doctors in the area they recommend that you see. They can dismiss you for bad behavior and if you do not follow their treatment, so be aware of this. They may even dismiss you for trying to seek treatment too aggressively for what they think you should be trying to have.

4. Doctors Not Understanding What you Are Saying

Sometimes you may be too educated or know too much about your health problems. This may make your doctor feel bad and have a difficult time with this. Or the doctor may simply not know what you are talking about. If this is the case see another doctor in the same speciality and hopefully they will have an idea and be able to help you.

5. Doctors Dumbing It Down For You

Doctors may not use medical terminology and try to dumb down their language when speaking to you. While this means well sometimes the patient may want to be informed and this will detract from that experience.

6. Doctors Not Working With Other Doctors

I don't understand this one, but some doctors across specialities that interwine do not want to make a simple phone call to another doctor to discuss a patient they both have seen. Some doctors across specialites do work together and are willing to in an effort to help their patients.

-Written July, 2008

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