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With biofeedback you rely less on medications and more on using the power of your mind to heal your body.

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My experience

Biofeedback involved me being hooked up to a computer to monitor tension in my head, neck, and shoulders and also to measure the temperature in my hands. Further I learned how to breathe more effectively from my diaphragm and at what rate I should breathe at. I consider biofeedback a good way to
learn how to deal more effetively with stress and aniexty. It helps the body relax. I was also able to decrease some of the tension in my neck and shoulders along with learning better posture throughout the day. As far as headaches go I saw some relief with biofeedback but nothing substantial. I attended 18, 60 minute sessions of biofeedback.

What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback is a form of alternative medicine that involves measuring a subject's bodily processes such as blood pressure, heart rate, skin temperature, sweating, and muscle tension and conveying such information to him or her in real-time in order to raise his or her awareness and conscious control of the related physiological activities. Various forms of biofeedback appear to be effective fora wide range of health problems.

The Different Types of Biofeedback

The most common forms of biofeedback are electromyography (EMG), which measures muscle tension, thermal biofeedback, which measures skin temperature, and neurofeedback or electroencephalography (EEG), which measures brain wave activity.

What Happens in a Session?

The typical biofeeback session is between 30-60 minutes long. Typically patients see success after about 8 sessions and only continue for 15 sessions.

During a session a patient is hooked up with electrodes connected to a computer. The monitor provides feedback to the patient about the inner workings of his/her body. From this information a patient can learn to gain better control over their body and improve on their problem areas.

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